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About the System


Owing to a unique and innovative architecture, MyCo.online will make it possible for you to build and develop your own ERP system by yourself. The whole process is child’s play and intuitive. You don’t need any expert IT knowledge. The starting point is to accurately define the data representing the character of operation of any given organization, as well as identifying its key processes and departments, i.e. production, sales, canvassing, B+R operation, etc. You can start working with MyCo.online at any time, focusing on a chosen, simple aspect of the company’s operation, e.g. order taking. In the course of time, you can extend the system by new processes and functionalities, adding other pieces to the puzzle. Thanks to this, you can immediately get benefits flowing from your own ERP system, and over time extend it over your whole company. Additionally, you can change the system on your own at any time adapting it to the changing needs of your company.

Take control over your company today.

For whom?

The business platform MyCo.online is dedicated to each and every innovative and dynamically developing company which is constantly adapting to the ongoing changes in the business reality. First and foremost, it is addressed to micro, small and medium companies requiring a flexible system, set up according to the changing needs, with a very short implementation time.

The sector or the field of the company’s operation is immaterial. The ERP system is built from scratch by the company on its own, and not from ready-made modules provided by an external partner. It gives almost 100% guarantee that all the requirements and expectations will be met.

How developed?


„On a thorough analysis of the situation, we came to the conclusion that it would be best to develop our own ERP system for our company. We did and still do have at our disposal a team of experts – programmers dealing with developing software for our major field of activity” (more information at www.pro-project.pl). “We have recognized that setting up our own system is only a matter of time and a viable idea. We decided on the concept of a centralized cloud system – a business platform easy to handle and manage, as well as safe and accessible from any mobile device. Complementarily, we have also designed a unique and innovative architecture allowing one to independently define the structure of databases, relations and business logic.”

Graphically, our idea could be called “Do it yourself”, as it allows the user to build up his own ERP system from scratch, including anything from the smallest data structure in existence in his company, e.g. customer base, to their interrelations and high level mechanisms (e.g. Business Intelligence), which “process” the data. Thereby, our solution is addressed to companies that cannot adapt the existing, traditional solutions to their unique (non-typical) expectations, wishing to start using their own ERP system practically at once, and at the same being on a budget.”

Why MyCo.online?


It is only you who decides about the shape and functionality of your ERP system. It is:

MyCo.online is your mobile command centre.

Take control over your company today!

Cloud Service

1. Flexibility and Scalability

A possibility of configuring and shaping the service according to the Company’s needs and expectations.
Ease of adapting the platform to the rising needs of the company, bringing advantages at every stage.
No need to make use of support from external entities.

2. Low implementation and operation costs

Operation costs adequate to the individual needs thanks to a multi-level subscription.
No need to invest in extra computer hardware – all it takes is what the Company already has.

3. Accessibility

The service is accessible from any device equipped with an internet browser.

4. Centralisation and unlimited number of users

All resources, data and information required to manage each company department are accessible from one place, by every authorised employee.
Unlike in traditional ERP systems, no restrictions on the number of users.

Specially Designed Architecture

1. Intuitive platform

An intuitive platform ensuring an easy and cheap way of developing one’s own, fully compatible, ERP system.

2. Easy and unaided implementation

No expert IT knowledge is required – the system can be built, configured and run by anybody, based on the knowledge of the Company and basic computer skills.

3. Easy extension

A possibility of a gradual extension of the system, allowing a smooth “transition” to the new model of a company’s operation.

4. Easy handling

Easy handling and an intuitive interface allowing fast and easy implementation, eliminating the necessity to run expensive training or use external support.

Well-thought-out safety systems

1. Safe logging

The SSL connection encryption and the two-level logging guarantee safe access to the service only for the authorised users.

2. Backup copies

Backup copies guarantee safety of the data stored in the service through regular archiving (accessible on the server up to a year).

3. The option of undoing the operation

The mechanism of undoing any number of operations allows making any number of mistakes.

4. Individual user authorisations

Assigning users defined in the system to any given group / departments with authorisation of access only to specific data – possibility of configuring authorisations independently of user groups.


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